Amai's multidisciplinary team covers all aspects of presenting novel ingredients to the market: computational biology, biotechnology, food science, regulation and more. Amai enjoys an array of advisers and collaborations in each of these fields.

Anat Serber

Anat Serber

Diector of people (HR)

Dr. Lifshitz

Dr. Yael Lifshitz

Director of Clinical

and Regulatory affairs


Dr. Shiri Yaniv

Head of Impact and R&D Collaborations

Inbar Zuker1.jpg

Inbar Zuker

Head of Sensory Evaluation

and Food Technologist


Aya Friedman

Head of Fermentation

The Amai Scientific Advisory Board

Nobel Laureate

Prof. Michael Levitt

 (Stanford); Founder and leader in structural computational biophysics

Prof. Joel Sussman (Weizmann)

Co-director, Israeli Structural Proteomics Center

Meir Edelman

Prof. Meir Edelman (Weizmann)

Plant biotechnology and 3D bioinformatics

Prof. William DeGrado

 (UCSF) Established (computational)

protein design

Prof. Rafael Najmanovich

(U. Montreal) 3D bioinformatics & biophysics


Partners and collaborations: