Awards & Recognition 

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The 2021 EIT Food Annual Partner event & Venture Summit

October 2021

 Amai is honored to win the EIT Food impact award (dietary change category) for the consortium research grant with Prof. Yoav Livney (The Technion), PepsiCo and Danone. The award was given by Dr. Andy Zynga, CEO of EIT Foods at the EIT Food Venture summit:

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Finalists Announced for 2021 World Food Forum Startup Innovation Awards

September 2021

Amai is a proud finalist of the 2021 World Food Forum Startup Innovation competition. The competition was co-organized by the Extreme Tech Challenge and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (UN-FAO)

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"Wired chose Amai as part of Tel-Aviv's top-ten hottest startups"

August 2020

In a bid to address obesity, food tech startup Amai Proteins is using computational design and fermentation to develop zero-calorie “designer proteins” that are cheaper, healthier and thousands of times sweeter than sugar. Founded by CEO Ilan Samish in 2016, Amai has already partnered with Danone, PepsiCo and OceanSpray during its R&D phase, and hopes to bring its first products to market in 2022.

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5 Top FoodTech Startups Developing Alternative Proteins

September 2020

Amai was selected as one of the top 5 alternative proteins startups (out of 235 startups analyzed). 

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FoodTech innovation startup contest

August 2020

Amai Proteins won 2nd place in the Calcalist-Tnuva Israeli startup competition.

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Extreme Tech Challenge Announces Global Finalists, Debuts COVID-19 Innovation Award and Female Founder Award

June 2020

Amai is proud to be a finalist at Extreme Tech Challenge, the world's leading impact startup competition in which 52 startups were selected as finalists out of 2,419 competitors. 

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December 2019

Extreme Tech Challenge Regional Finalist to compete at Vivateck Paris. Award given by Young Sohn (President, Samsung Electronics) in front of a crowd of 3,000 at Disrupt Berlin.

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Startup Innovation Challenge 2019 - Finalists & Winners

December 2019

The Most Innovative Food or Beverage Ingredient award of the startup innovation challenge  was awarded at the 28,000 attendees and 1,700-exhibitor, Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) 30 finalists from 190 competed for 4 awards.

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Israel's startup of the year of The Pitch - The Journey

September 19

Amai won The Journey - The Pitch which is Israel's top startup competition with 200 startups of which the top 8 competed live in front of thousands. 

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New Orleans, USA

June 19

IFT-Next Future Food Disruptor of the Year competition (Round 2 finalist)

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San-Francisco, USA

March 19.

AgFunder Award for Most Innovative Pre-Series A Supply Tech International Startup


Düsseldorf, Germany (food vertical stage at Aarhus, Denmark)

Dec. 18.

EU TechTour Venture Contest Finals winner     (24/1,125, 3 FoodTech) 

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 San-Francisco, USA: SynBioBeta talk. Dr. John Cumbers (CEO SynBioBeta):

July 18.

 “1-of-3 Companies changing the way we eat.”

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May 18.

Future Food Asia Award finalist (8/150).

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