Awards & Recognition 

September 19

Israel's startup of the year of The Pitch - The Journey

IFT-Next Future Food Disruptor of the Year competition (Round 2 finalist)

June 19'

New Orleans, USA

AgFunder Award for Most Innovative Pre-Series A Supply Tech International Startup

March 19'

San-Francisco, USA

EU TechTour Venture Contest Finals winner     (24/1,125, 3 FoodTech) 

Dec. 18'

Düsseldorf, Germany (food vertical stage at Aarhus, Denmark)

 “1-of-3 Companies changing the way we eat.”

July 18'

 San-Francisco, USA: SynBioBeta talk. Dr. John Cumbers (CEO SynBioBeta):

Future Food Asia Award finalist (8/150).

May 18'


AgFunder  Amai Proteins
MR4_0549.JPGSIsrael's startup of the year of The Pitch - The Journeyeptember 18, 2019



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